Our Inspiration and passion for great designs

Welcome to Dennest. Home of handmade solid wood furniture inspired by rustic designs, French style, reclaimed wood, industrial designs and more. We have made inspired and quality furniture our passion. Our designs are simple, practical, rightly sized and highly functional. All our products tell a unique story about themselves!

Hand-Made Craftsmanship with Natural materials

We have a strong passion to offer unique, high quality, beautifully designed furniture and home furnishings. Our philosophy is to design simple and functional products, make them around the world with the best manufacturers, and bring the products direct to our customers. We do not buy the products from the middlemen but buy from the people who actually are making the products – the real craftsman who are passionate about what they make. Working directly with these highly skilled craftsmen, our product quality team ensure that every Dennest product meets our high quality standards. Our promise to our customer that every product is hand made from natural hardwoods like Oak, Elm, Fir, Acacia, Rosewood and many other natural hardwoods. Any product with artificial materials will clearly be mentioned in the product descriptions. There is hours of work, numerous steps and uncompromising craftsmanship involved behind development of our wrought iron products, made with forged iron. 

Our Reclaimed furniture comes from decades old buildings and boats which gives added character to our products. We use recycled wrought iron and recycle copper for making our furniture frames and table tops. Dennest is committed to source the wood from only the sustainable forests.

World is our Inspiration 

We travel around the world to bring fresh influence to our customers. All products at Dennest are exclusive works of art and showcase a strong character and spirit of its origin. We follow the market trends but there is something absolutely clear, if we do not like something at our home, we do not sell it to our customers!

Products and designs with life and character

Our unique products are not just the show pieces..! All our products are designed with 100% practicality and functionality and go through 10-15 steps to give them a real look and character. Solid and uncompromising construction made to last for generations.

Dennest Pricing

Dennest is by far the most affordable solid wood online shop in the UK. Why you pay a fortune when Dennest can offer you great quality products at surprisingly lower prices. Dennest is committed to bring excellent quality products and make it affordable to all customers.